A Future Beyond The Beach


Barbados Owns 434 Times More Sea Than Land

A Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Blue Economy Campaign

"Broadening Our Horizons"

The Ocean Holds The Blueprint Of Our Identity. It Supports Our Environment, Economy & Our Very Existence. It Holds The Keys To A Bountiful Future.

What Is The Blue Economy?

The Blue Economy is all materials, resources, activities and livelihoods supported by the ocean.

The Blue Economy goes beyond the availability of economic resources and includes a lifestyle of resilient stewardship for all of our coastal and marine assets.




Renewable Energy By 2030

The Changes

BeBLUE and Barbados’ Roof to Reef program call for a new look at integrating local lifestyles and businesses into the fruitful rhythm of our land and sea. 

The Fight

Profit from the sea doesn’t have to mean destruction of habitats, exploitation of workers and extinction of species. We are re-thinking and re-designing growth of our Blue Economy.

The Solutions

Working with nature and not against it. Ocean Energy, Augmented Submarine Habitats & Integrated Waste Management are just the beginning.

Fight with us

Join a growing movement of people around BARBADOS who are working to keep their communities safe and their futures bright.

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